Our Services

Hospice Care by Mitigare offers care to the person and their family facing a terminal illness. The service includes medical care including pain and symptom control. We offer psycho-social support as well as spiritual care when appropriate. Mitigare’s team includes the medical director, hospice doctor, nurses, tanotologists and a chaplain. Mitigare has durable medical equipment that can be delivered to the home to provide comfort to the patient and the caregivers.


Hospice Care by Mitigare has a Mexican certified palliative care physician who is able to address pain and symptoms with alternatives to assure that the patient remains comfortable and alert to maximize their time with familiy and friends.

The medical team is trained to know the course of many diseases so that potential issues can be anticipated and resolved as they occur. End of life care is a medical specialty.


As part of the patient care plan, the person’s needs are addressed as well as needs of the family and caregivers. At Mitigare, we strive to open communication and allow all members to feel they are able to participate in the end of life experience in a positive way.


Spiritual care differs for everyone. At Mitigare, we respect your beliefs and we will work to incorporate your spiritual care into the plan of care. Mitigare has a non-denominational chaplain available to the patient and members of the family.


Hospice care by Mitigare has medical equipment available to be delivered to your home so you can remain comfortable. We have hospital beds, oxygen concentrators and other equipment to keep the patient safe and comfortable in their own homes.


Many times the family wants to provide the daily care but feels uncertain how to do routine activities. Mitigare is committed to empowering you to know you are providing the best care possible for your loved one.

Call us and we can send one of our trained personnel to teach you best practices.


Hospice care by Mitigare is committed to training health professionals in proper end of life care. We sponsor international conferences and national skills building programs. We love education and are always looking for ways to improve health care in our communities.


Rural communities suffer a great deal from lack of access, both physically and financially, to tradional medicine and hospice care. We are developing a robust system of delivering service to our rural communities and surrounding municipalities.


Hospice Care by Mitigare is a non-profit health care provider attending persons with terminal illnesses. We are committed to provide quality care to all regardless of capacity to pay. We have a fund that is especially earmarked to support patients with limited economic resources.


Mitigare Cuidados Paliativos A. C. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. Hospice Care by Mitigare does not exclude people or treat them differently because of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.