COVID-19 Information


HOSPICE CARE. Mitigare continues to provide hospice care and accept new patients during these difficult times. We are protecting our patients and medical staff by making our visits via video call when possible.

We want you to be safe. If you become ill with COVID-19, you will likely be advised to care for yourself or loved one at home. Be prepared to that. These resources have been prepared by health professionals to be prepared. Courtesy of Kate Greenaway and Joey Merrifield:

Home Healthcare Guide in English

PATIENT FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE. Due to the pandemic, many patients are unable to pay for their hospice care. Mitigare is committed to providing full hospice care to anyone regardless of capacity to pay. We have a Patient Assistance Fund to help others get the care they need. Please consider donating to that fund here:  DONATE 

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT. We are here to provide emotional support to you and your family. If you are feeling anxiety or stress and would like to talk with a professional, please contact Martha Hamill at or by WhatsApp or telephone at (52) 415 151 0121.

TRUSTED COVID-19 INFORMATION. Be careful where you get your information. For factual and current information for San Miguel go to the COVID-19 SMA Facebook page:  This is being managed by Jessica Frick-Liston. She is a Critical Care Registered Nurse.

They have also published a guide in English and Spanish about staying at home and home care if you are sick. Access the health guide here:

IF YOU ARE SICK:  If you believe you are sick with the Corona Virus, do NOT go directly to a hospital can choose of the following three options:

A. You can email Joey Merrifield, ARNP, at or WhatsApp (text only) 415 114 5009 for screening and referral for testing if needed.

B. Call or WhatsApp to Dra. Pamela Chao at 415 103 3116 if you want to be screened for free government testing.

Government Screening Protocol

You MUST have a minimum of TWO of the following three symptoms:

Fever, Cough, Headache

Plus you at least ONE of the following symptoms:

Shortness of breath, Chest pain, Joint pain, Body aches, Sore throat, Runny nose or              pink eye.

C. Opt to go to a private for FEE hospital/lab. There is no free testing except through the          government protocol.

GUANAJUATO HEALTH SECRETARY PREPARATIONS.  Guanajuato began preparing for the virus early and there are special COVID-19 hospitals in Leon, Irapuato and Salamanca. Locally, Hospital General is stabilizing patients and sending them to Leon if they have an acute respiratory issue. Unlike other parts of Mexico, there is capacity available to those who need it.

SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE RESOURCES. There are only a few ventilators available in San Miguel. Large deposits are required if being admitted to the private hospitals without insurance.

Hospital MAC tel: (415) 150 3900. Patients are being triaged and sent to either Queretaro or Celaya.

Hospital General tel: (415) 120 4746

Hospital UniMed tel:  (415) 120 0465

Note that on May 15 that Hospital H+ suddenly closed.

San Miguel began #QuedaTeEnCasa #SanaDistancia, #Stay at Home and #Social Distancing, much earlier than most places in Mexico. We have not had as many cases per capita here as elsewhere in the country. Stay safe – Stay at Home.

LATEST STATISTICS.  Every morning COVID-19 SMA publishes an update of statistics on that Facebook site. Mexico is under reporting due to lack of testing but the information is worthwhile if considered as “relative figures”. Many resources suggest that the actual statistics are 10x higher than reported.

Link to Secretaria de Salud GTO updates: